Women in Media: Onward and Upward

By J.J. LaBarber
October 6, 2011

Published in the summer 2011 issue of MyLIFE magazine


She knows what’s happening in film … namely, that the medium (and even the very term itself) is becoming obsolete. She knows technology has already changed the face of all media, that audiences can stream movies to their iPads and iPhones and that the studios of the future will be Netflix and Google. She knows high definition is the new medium for shooting, that editing can be done from your smartphone and that social networking has become an integral part of distribution. And, with three films in development and a TV series in the works, she knows having tech-savvy colleagues to collaborate with is a must.

“She” is Gay Gilbert, producer at InWithMediaStudios in Scottsdale, Ariz. With more than 30 years spent working in the entertainment industry from Hollywood to the Philippines, Gilbert knows the changes in filmmaking and other media are centered in an integration of formats. A magazine is no longer just a periodical that comes out in print once a month—it is also a digital magazine, an interactive website and a social media project. And the company producing that magazine isn’t just a publishing house, but rather a video production, event–planning and public relations/marketing firm as well. It’s companies with a multimedia platform, such as InWithMedia, that are leading the way to the future of media relations and production. For this particular business, five very different—but equally talented— women are holding the reins.

A typical project at InWithMedia begins with a brainstorming session amongst InWithSkin Managing Editor Kimberly Stredney and her team. Coming from a background in both cultural anthropology and journalism, Stredney likes to add a little international flair to the content whenever possible. Whether it’s an article or ad for the magazine, or a blog for the website, the IWS editorial staff throws out ideas … and then conceptualizes the piece from start to finish.

Then the torch is passed to Senior Beauty Editor and Writer Meghan Walsh, who uses her background in investigative journalism and her love for all things health and beauty-related to deliver descriptive and informative prose to readers. She works closely with Stredney to make sure the “idea thread” stays woven throughout the project and that the content she provides, which in many cases is scientific, is accurate and up to date.

Once the text is written, it’s time to give it the visual imagination it needs to really capture the reader’s attention. This is where InWithMedia Graphic Design/Art Director Jamie Denke comes in. With her raw talent and design skills honed at The Art Institute of Phoenix, she gives life to articles and ads by translating tends in beauty and fashion into electrifying graphics. She also works closely with Gilbert to design Web-based and motion graphics for television/Web spots and embedded video ads.

The anchor of the team, who brings the fruits of everyone’s efforts into the world, is Web Editor/Social Media Director Cassie Cavan. Once the finished product is ready to reach the masses, Cavan steps in to make sure it gets there, from devising creative Facebook and Twitter contests to organizing giveaway e-blasts.

Gilbert, Stredney, Walsh, Denke and Cavan … for these five women in media, it’s all about expanding the new frontier in digital media and delivering content across a multitude of TV/Web/mobile/print delivery systems for the diverse needs of today’s clients and customers.

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