Taking Home Security to a New Level

    By Colin Feherty


    Home security systems seem simple–you have a keypad on the wall, sensors on the doors and windows, and a loud alarm. Few people think about or use their security system throughout the day. If a burglar tries to break in, the alarm goes off, you get a phone call from the monitoring station, and the police are called if needed. With this simple approach to home protection, outdated, wired equipment sometimes does the job, but it also creates a false sense of security because these systems can be easily bypassed with the snip of a phone wire, or by shutting off the power.

    LifeShield Security has rewritten the rules and brought the technology into the 21st century. Their wireless home security system allows users to install the security system by themselves, in less than an hour, without drilling a single hole in the walls. It can even be uninstalled and set up in a new home, making a great option for anyone who may have to move in the future. With long lasting battery backup, broadband internet and cellular communication options, it is virtually impossible to bypass a LifeShield security system.
    In addition to state-of-the-art hardware, LifeShield also has a custom-developed software component called LifeView, which provides interactive mobile access. Using a computer, tablet or iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smart phones, users can log in and check on their home from anywhere in the world. A few other companies are starting to offer basic mobile access, but for LifeShield, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Most people arm their security system, lock their front door, and then don’t think about it all day. LifeView takes the opposite approach, by giving users tools and features that can be used all day long to help anyone run their home and keep track of everything. Email and text message alerts can notify users not only when their alarm system goes off, but also when others come and go throughout the day. You can also get alerts for non-events, meaning that if someone is supposed to arrive and doesn’t show up during specified times, so you can stay on top of things when you aren’t around. Here are a few of the unique ways LifeView can help you manage your life.

    Alerts and Notifications – Set up alerts and notifications for events throughout the day so everything in your home runs smoothly.

    • Get a text message when the dog walker arrives, or send your neighbor a text notification if the dog walker doesn’t show up by a certain time, so your dog is walked.
    • Set up a nightly reminder so you never forget to arm your alarm system.
    • Place a sensor on your liquor cabinet and get an instant text alert any time your teenager opens the cabinet door.

    Crime Watch – LifeView shows your local crime information to help you make intelligent decisions about your safety and security each day. You can review crime maps, understand the types of crime in your neighborhood, and make sure your home and loved ones are secure.

    Security Cameras – LifeShield lets you integrate security cameras into your system so you can see what is happening at any given time.

    • Set up a camera near your front door and get a photo or a video every day when your kids walk in the front door. Have the alert sent to your phone or work email
    • Check in on your pets throughout the day while you are out of the house
    • Add a camera near the liquor cabinet so you can see who is going in it and why
    • Place a camera near the fridge or junk food cabinet with sensors on the doors to help yourself stick to your diet

    LifeShield’s wireless home security system is designed from the ground up; they don’t outsource their hardware or software like other companies. LifeShield customers are encouraged to customize the system, and can add extra sensors and accessories at any time, by themselves, to adapt to a growing family, a new home, or lifestyle changes. Each person has unique security needs due to different homes, lifestyles, families, pets, neighborhoods, and travel habits. It is not intended to be not to be a “set it and forget it” security system. It is a customizable, flexible, and interactive system which helps users develop good security habits and protect everything and everyone they love. LifeShield understands that need and their home security system is an affordable alternative to the expensive, outdated security systems on the market today.

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