One Ion at a Time

By Craig Taylor
January 23, 2012

Published in the Jan-Feb 2012 issue of MyLIFE magazine


Every few decades, major technological advancements are made and significant new inventions are developed. While most of the time these inventions come from overseas, an invention that is likely to revolutionize the pool and spa industry and provide greater health and safety for you, your family and pets comes to us from Glendale, Ariz. This game-changing innovation will make swimming and “spa-ing” healthier, safer and more pleasant. Everyone who owns a pool can afford it and should have one. It’s an easy-to-install system, makes pool maintenance infinitely more convenient and less costly, and can prolong the life of the pool and operating equipment. No more allergies, skin irritations or that unbearable chlorine smell.

Overall, little has been done in the last half century to change established practices in pool maintenance. But now, thanks to a breakthrough technology developed by Arizonan R.J. Wagner, chlorine, which has long reigned as the leading method for keeping pool and spa water clean, could soon become obsolete.

There are many drawbacks to using chlorine and other chemicals, and some can be quite serious. The chemical sting can leave your eyes red and irritated for hours. Children love to spend hot summer afternoons playing and splashing in the pool, but chemical-laced pool water can burn their eyes, nose and throat and cause the tears to flow. Chlorine can also change your hair color (or your dog’s!) and take a toll on your skin, your wallet and the environment. Just think about what chlorine does to the surfaces of your pool and deck, and then imagine what it’s doing to your body, inside and out. In fact, recent studies have linked chlorine to asthma, allergies and even certain types of cancer.

“This is a game-changer that will impact the pool and spa industry as we know it—for the next 50 years.”
—R.J. Wagner

With the Eco Ion Water Treatment System, Wagner has found a way to banish for good these irritating and harmful side effects and make swimming enjoyable again. The system, which takes less than an hour to install and initially costs roughly the same as conventional systems that require those nasty, harmful chemicals, keeps pools and spas safe and sparkling clean. And, the Eco Ion system soon pays for itself by eliminating the need for harsh additives and weekly shock treatments, saving on pool upkeep and reducing wear and tear on operating equipment and the pool itself. Over time, these savings alone will pay for Wagner’s system.

The system, which is available for small spas, residential pools or commercial pools such as those at apartment complexes and hotels, includes a tank that hooks up to the pool’s filter system using two wires and a hose. The system purifies water electronically. Essentially, the Eco Ion system gets rid of harmful bacteria in pool water the way a backyard bug zapper gets rid of mosquitoes. The process is quick, convenient and far safer than the traditional methods of pool cleaning are, with all of those noxious chemicals.

The Eco Ion system, which is available in three sizes for use in small spas, residential pools or commercial pools such as those at apartment complexes and hotels, includes a plastic tank that hooks up to the pool’s filter system using two wires and a hose. The tank is also hooked up to the electrical system that operates the pump. A combination of hydrochloric acid (HCl, which is safely used in many common food products) and a solution called RK12 is added to the tank, forming a gas composed of ions. Bubbles from the gas are pumped into the pool’s filter as it is operating, and as those bubbles move through the pool water, they digest harmful bacteria, leaving the water fresh and sparkling clean—and your skin, eyes, nose and other body parts free from harmful chemicals. The ions then dissipate and leave the water through the process of evaporation. The pool water itself does not flow through the Eco Ion system unit.
The HCl and RK12 only need to be added three to four times per year.
The initial cost of the system for a 30,000-gallon residential pool is $1,995, and the annual cost of RK12, HCl and stabilizer for that pool would be approximately $292.

Wagner’s system requires minimal attention—supplies are added every three to four months in warm weather, and even less often in cooler weather. The tank is fully automated and requires no maintenance. That’s right. No maintenance. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. And, to make the system even more attractive, there’s no calcium buildup on tiles or pool deck etching.

One of Wagner’s primary goals in developing the Eco Ion system was to make sure it would be affordable for virtually anyone with a pool. Switching from chlorine, chemicals and salt treatments can generate enough savings to pay for the system in less than two years. And you, your family and friends (and even the dog) will reap the life-long health benefits of swimming in clean, chlorine-free water. Think of it as an investment in good health for you and those you care about.

No more red eyes or green hair. No more chemical-related hazards to your health. No more horrible fumes that keep you from enjoying the pool or spa. Just delightful fun in the sun. That’s what the Eco Ion Water Treatment System delivers, one ion at a time. And that’s why Wagner’s system is a game-changer for the entire pool and spa industry as we know it today.

To learn more, or to purchase your Eco Ion System, call 602-350-4147, or 1-800-274-2930 (toll free).

The pool product and distribution market is a $5 billion industry. R.J. Wagner has learned the hard way that new technology such as his Eco Ion system faces a tough path to acceptance. He tried to market his system to established companies and was met with resistance. So, he decided not to fight established business and instead to find a way to promote innovation in water purity through his company, Krystal Klor.

Wagner said many attempts were made to come up with a way to safely balance water chemistry in pools and spas. “It was considered impossible!” he said. “My idea was rejected by engineers at first. They said it was contrary to physics, but they did not take into account my focus and drive—they were stuck in the last century. I would not let anything stop me. I found that each failure led to an improvement. And now, the Eco Ion Water Treatment System is the best and only product of its kind in the world—and it was invented here in Phoenix!”

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