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Table of Contents

Main Features
How Brian Jennings’ Brain Works
When his stellar professional football career ended in 2012, Brian Jennings knew he had some very important work left to do—because of a concussion he suffered in 2005. Find out about his new foundation that will revolutionize the way concussions are managed and treated.
P. 12

Shelter for Every Veteran
Find out how we can end homelessness for the men and women who’ve served our country.
P. 18

Harvey Mackay Column
How to Ask for Help
P. 19

Species at War: The Battle to Save Elephants and Rhinos
P. 27

Helping Our Veterans Do Battle with PTSD
Find out about a unique treatment center that is making it simple and free for any active service member or veteran to get help.
P. 41

Canada’s Military—Partners with the United States
Canada’s military ranks among the best trained and most readied forces in the world. It also shares a distinguished and long-standing partnership with the United States.
P. 48

From the Publisher
P. 6

Paging Books with J.J. LaBarber, Reviewed by Ed Martinez
Killing Jesus: A History by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
P. 9

CEO Series: One-on-One with Glenn Williamson
Williamson is the founder and CEO of the Canada Arizona Business Council.
P. 34

A Geek’s Confession
Review: Fluance XL Series Speaker System
P. 38

Speaking Out!
It’s Far Deeper Than Just a Few Dollars More
P. 44

Political/Social Cartoon
P. 47

Another Record for the Phoenix Open
P. 12

People in the News
See who’s making headlines today.
P. 16

Turning 50
Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium Celebrates 30 Years
P. 17

Turning 50
Discover (or recall) what happened 50 years ago.
P. 20

Crossword Puzzle
Leading Ladies of Old Hollywood
P. 23

P. 25

World Report
Around the world in under 10 minutes.
P. 36

Find out about some of the latest technology and gadgets in the market.
P. 40

Upcoming Movies
Movies coming soon to a theater near you.
P. 42

Events Calendar
Around Town
What’s Hot
P. 52

Premier Venues
P. 58

Sporting Events
Arizona Teams
P. 60