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Table of Contents

Main Features

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., on Consciousness, Science and Spirit
A short interview with Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona’s Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, in Tucson.
P. 16

My Life, My Death—My Death, My Life
An exclusive look into a scientific study about the afterlife.
P. 27

Harvey Mackay Column
Unselfishness Has a Special Place in Business
P. 46

From the Publisher
P. 6

Paging Books with J.J. LaBarber, Reviewed by Mary L. Holden
Women in Heels Buying Wheels
P. 9

Speaking Out!
Do the Right Thing
P. 38

Political/Social Cartoon
Islamic State
P. 39

CEO Series: One-on-One with Thelton McMillian
McMillian is the president and CEO of Conrade.
P. 42

Under the Radar: Companies Worth Tracking
P. 44

Tesla Update
P. 47

Travel and Tourism Opportunities in Arizona for Canadians
P. 48

Culture & Entertainment
Canada Got It Right On Immigration. Now It’s Time To Lead On Refugees.

Upcoming Movies
Movies coming soon to a theater near you.
P. 22

Crossword Puzzle
Inventors and Inventions
P. 23

The Three Words That Change Your Life Forever: You Have Cancer
P. 36

Around Town
What’s Hot
P. 52

Premier Venues
P. 58

Sporting Events
What’ Happening
P. 60

Tech Column
How Can Manufacturers Trace Each Unique Product? SignaKey!
P. 34

Find out about some of the latest technology and gadgets in the market.
P. 35

Turning 50
Discover (or recall) what happened 50 years ago.
P. 14

People in the News
See who’s making headlines today.
P. 18

World Report
Around the world in under 10 minutes.
P. 20

P. 25