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Table of Contents

Main Features
Animal Lover and Musician Tyler Traband
Tyler Traband is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, film and TV composer and singer/songwriter inspired by organic sounds.
P. 14

Harvey Mackay Column
Harvey’s Short Course in Class
P. 18

Man’s Best Friend
We take a look at dog ownership in America.
P. 27

From the Publisher
P. 6

Paging Books with J.J. LaBarber, Reviewed by Ed Martinez
Soldiers: German POWs on Fighting, Killing, and Dying
P. 9

Speaking Out!
Opulent and Obscene
P. 44

Political/Social Cartoon
Everyone’s Welcome!
P. 47

Under the Radar: Companies Worth Tracking
P. 22

CEO Series: One-on-One with Carrie Martz
Martz is the CEO of Martz Parsons.
P. 34

The Art of the Deal: Know Your (Capital) Market
P. 48

Culture & Entertainment
Test Your Knowledge
Triple Crown: The Controversy

Crossword Puzzle
Dog Breeds
P. 23

Upcoming Movies
Movies coming soon to a theater near you.
P. 42

“A Modern-Day Master” Jeff Ivanhoe
P. 43

Animal Rites: Euthanasia or Empathy
P. 44

Around Town
What’s Hot
P. 52

Premier Venues
P. 58

Sporting Events
What’ Happening
P. 60

Tech Column
How Can Manufacturers Trace Each Unique Product? SignaKey!
P. 38

Find out about some of the latest technology and gadgets in the market.
P. 40

People in the News
See who’s making headlines today.
P. 16

Turning 50
Discover (or recall) what happened 50 years ago.
P. 20

P. 25

World Report
Around the world in under 10 minutes.
P. 36